We do our best creating from where we feel best. Makes sense doesn’t it? Why

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We do our best creating from where we feel best. Makes sense doesn't it? 
Why does it have to be an office? 
We've raised $2.8 million this year for Compassionate Adventures and Imiloa Institute,  our 19 buildings in Michigan and 20 acre sustainable retreat center in Maui.

I'm in a meeting with the team about to raise another $1 million through a crowdfunding campaign to bring financial freedom to people who can't afford to buy a full property on their own and want passive income (message me if this is you)

We're doing 20%+ annual returns and have seen an increase in value of 40% on the properties we bought in the past 12 months.

I've created financial freedom this year.

I've never been to any of our properties yet. We manage the 80 units virtually with 97-100% occupancy.
(I will go to Maui once we've completed the acquisition)

This is all happening...
From the hammock. 
Paying investors early. 
Tenants who love us because we treat them so well.

Why am I not so humbly bragging about this? 
Because I want you to know that you can have it EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT IT. 
If you already have it that way the there a next level you are wanting? 
If there's more you want, feel, believe and trust your desires.

I love you and here if you want to talk ️

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