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Nadav’s keynote + experiential workshop format touches people’s hearts, sparks insights and leaves them with actions to expand what’s possible for them.


Keynotes and Workshops

The Art of Hugging

  • 15-25 minute keynote followed by a recommended 20-45 minute workshop
  • Each person learns tools on how to connect with themselves and so called “strangers” around them instantly in a business environment
  • This is perfect to kick off business conferences and events, getting people creating meaningful, long lasting relationships. People stop shaking hands and begin hugging

Aligning with Your Life’s Purpose

  • 15-60 minute keynote followed by an optional 60 minute workshop.
  • Participants learn new context for passion with 4 easy steps to align with their purpose.
  • In the workshop each person works engages with the Lifestyle Perfected Alignment Tool to distinguish their purpose, create room to bring them it into their everyday lives.

Building a Community of Innovators

  • 15-30  minute keynote originally created for a TEDx Talk with an optional 20-60 minute experiential workshop.
  • As an understudy of Peter Diamandis founder of XPRIZE and Chief Possibility Officer with HeroX, I have helped organizations build communities of 10,000’s innovators to solve their biggest challenges.
  • In this talk I share a new context for passion and teach each person how to use incentive prizes to reach their goals

I Fucking Love Money

  • 15-25 minute keynote with a recommended 60 minute experiential workshop.
  • People discover the energetics of money, their relationship to it and how to shift.
  • In the workshop each person works engages with the Lifestyle Perfected Alignment Tool to distinguish their personal relationship to money, get clear on their vision and have actionable steps to execute on their money vision.

Love Yourself to Impact the World

  • 15-30 minute keynote with optional 15-60 minute experiential workshop.
  • Love is the highest vibration and business leaders feel and implement it in the company it elevates impact and profits.
  • People will discover how to come from a place of loving leadership, use business tools to maintain this vibration and reach their goals.

What our clients are saying

The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is an annual four-day music festival in Tennessee attended by 80,000 people.

“Bonnaroo is a music and arts festival blooming with self expression. When we learned of Nadav’s The Art of Hugging talk we felt it would be a great practice in getting attendees connected to each other. Not only was the talk very entertaining, but attendees who had attended the first performance came back the next day for the second performance and shared on the microphone that they had gone and used the techniques to spread the love and hugs around the festival. We were very pleased with the outcome.”

– Laura Sohn, Director, Bonnaroo

The Art of Hugging, The Passion Experience, Building a Community of Innovators

The aim of TEDxStPeterPort is to inspire, engage and catalyse the Guernsey population to make positive, innovative steps to improving quality of life on the island. Making Guernsey a scalable model for the best place to live.

“I invited Nadav to speak at TEDx to inspire the community of Guernsey to follow their passions and use incentive prizes as a tool to help make Guernsey the best place to live on earth. Our experience of Nadav is that he one of the nicest human beings you will ever wish meet, he gives a brilliant talk and most importantly of all he actually inspires people who watch to make a significant change to their own lives. I can’t recommend Nadav enough.”

– Marc Winn, Curator, TEDxStPeterPort

Building a Community of Innovators

Design Hotels is a collection of 276 of one of a kind boutique hotels located at prime destinations around the world. I was asked to open their annual members summit for 350 hotel owners and their partners.

“When we asked Nadav to open our annual members conference, we knew he would inspire the room and fill it with energy. What we didn’t know, was how much he would continue to contribute to the overall experience once he’d left the stage. Not only is The Art of Hugging heartfelt and inspiring, Nadav demonstrates how we can shift our mindset when approaching people – an important lesson for us all.”

– Claus Sendlinger, Founder & CEO, Design Hotels

The Art of Hugging, The Passion Experience, Building a Community of Innovators

Tech Open Air Berlin is the top startup and technology conference in Berlin with over 12,000 attendees.

“Nadav is a fountain of charm and instilled Californian positivity at TOA. His The Art of Hugging and Building a Community of Innovators talks were uniquely thought-out, inspiring and very well received by our attendees. On top of that, the planning process and communication was stellar. We are grateful to have Nadav as part of our community!”

– Niko LeWoi, Founder, TOA

The Art of Hugging, Building a Community of Innovators

Envision Festival is the top music, arts and permaculture hosted in Costa Rica for with over 7,000 attendees.

“Nadav has a contagious energy and presence on and off the stage. He is a dynamic speaker and demonstrated this through the 2 talks he gave at Envision. He has the ability to inspire and connect, we were delighted to have him join us at Envision.”

– Stephen Brooks, Co-founder, Envision Festival

Building a Community of Innovators

Kalu Yala is a community in a Panamanian river valley reimagining what’s possible from life and designing an optimized model of living to share with the world. Every New Year’s Eve Kalu Yala organizes an invite event bringing together 200 entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and modern day romantics. I was asked to open up the event to get everyone connected.

“Opening New Years with The Art of Hugging changed the way our guests related to each other in a profound way. Our guests were instantly connected and intimate. I don’t think there is a better way than to catalyze connection.”

– Jimmy Stice, Founder, Kalu Yala

The Art of Hugging

Hatch is a community, movement, and annual retreat with 100 of the most provocative innovators, inventors, and cultural catalysts, across a wide range of disciplines.

“Our focus is making the Hatch community like a family. Nadav helped us do this when he opened up our first breakfast with The Art of Hugging. His humorous, authentic and heart opening drops the normal barriers for people and gets them laughing, hugging and connecting to each other immediately. Throughout the summit people were hugging instead of shaking hands, he definitely made an impact.”

– Yarrow Kraner, Founder, Hatch

The Art of Huggin, The Passion Experience

The Mega Event for Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads & a Holistic Lifestyle. Make strong real world-relationships with like-minded people from all over the world by joining the DNX events.

“Nadav is not only one of the most inspiring humans on planet earth, he is also one of the best host and speakers who performed on the DNX Stage. His profound business knowledge paired with his entertainment skills and audience interaction make the difference. Nadav was already part of our DNX Events twice. He hosted the DNX Festival in Lisbon as MC and keynote speaker and was also giving the top rated workshop the year before. Thank you from my deepest heart for being part of the DNX movement. Forever grateful!”

– Sonic Blue (Marcus Meurer), Founder, DNX

Event MC, The Art of Hugging, I Fucking Love Money

I’m committed to helping you live and love yours, if that’s something you want!

About Nadav Wilf

I love life and I love you… let’s make some magic

I’m all about creating what’s possible for you and me. My Buddhist mentor Yasihuko Kimura taught me, “Passion is not something that we have, it’s who we are as a cosmic destiny”. That realization resonated with me and transformed my life forever. In my opinion, each of us is here to discover and fulfill on OUR PASSIONS. I’m committed you live and love yours, if that’s something you want!

After 12 years of building, investing and selling tech startups, I decided to shift my focus to creating impact in the world. I focused on my passion and joined one of my heroes, Peter Diamandis, founder of the XPRIZE Foundation, as Chief Possibility Officer at HeroX, a spinoff of XPRIZE and the leading platform for incentive challenges.

We are living in a world of abundance my friends. Through the delicious combination of exponential technologies and spiritual practices, each of you can live your passion. Cost of living is going down, we have more time to focus on what we love. I’m a nomad living and speaking around the world sharing this message, encouraging people to fulfill on their passion and live a life they love.