Vision Combined with Goals are Key to Success

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“I hope you are having a day as beautiful as you are.” Sunset in Tel Aviv.

I started realizing that in addition to the measurable long-term goals I desired, my focus could also be on how I felt, on feeling the best that I could each day, in addition to focusing on a tangible outcome. I wanted to use the intention of feeling good as a foundation for performance and actually developing the ability to feel good as a way to generate my circumstances, instead of having my circumstances generate my feelings.

When I feel good, good things happen. As opposed to “I need good things to happen in order to feel good.”

“Well, wouldn’t that be nice?” You say, with a doubtful smirk on your face.

Yes indeed, my darling, it IS nice, and not only that, when things I don’t want, otherwise known as “bad things” happen, I still feel good. My mood does not rely on my present circumstance.

You may be wondering what I’m smoking and wanting some!

Well, this is more than possible, and in fact is many people’s current reality. Maybe you are reading this and even feeling like you relate and finally found someone who shares your perspective.

I didn’t always feel like this. It took training and focus, just like picking up a sport.

In fact, there was a long period in my life where I was depressed, walking with my head down, eyes staring at the ground as I believed I was perpetually doomed for bad things to happen and worried about when they would happen next. It was painful and scary.

Can you relate? Are you feeling this way now? If so, please know, it’s a mindset and it can be shifted if you are willing.

I’m grateful for this period in my life because it:

  1. Showed me how I don’t want to feel.
  2. Gave me compassion for myself and others who may be feeling this way.
  3. And when I shifted it, it taught me I had the power to shift my emotions and my experience of life.

I started following Abraham Hicks, a channeler who talks about the Law of Attraction, and the way that it was delivered at that moment in my life really made me understand it. It took me about two months of listening to really integrate it, or in scientific terms, to “unfuck my mind and refuck it the way I wanted it to be fucked.”

Let me explain what this means to me and how I interpret it.

  1. We live in a vibrational universe, where we are made up of energy and are vibrating at a range of different frequencies.
  2. Science tells us that we are made of atoms, with particles like protons and neutrons spinning around a nucleus, these atoms make up molecules and cells.
  3. The way that we feel is expressed as a frequency. A frequency of love, excitement, and hope or sadness, anger, and resentment; and whatever is vibrating at that same frequency will connect to or attract each other.
  4. Think of it like a channel on SoundCloud or Spotify, you choose which channel you want to tune into, and that’s what you will hear. What you are in the mood for or that which will service your emotions.

Let’s talk science. Don Lincoln is a senior experimental particle physicist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and an adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame. He wrote the following about QTFs and vibrations for

Physicists now use a class of theories called quantum field theories, or QFTs. Everywhere in the universe, there is a field called the electron field. A physical electron isn’t the field, but rather a localized vibration in the field. Electrons aren’t the only particles to consist of localized vibrations of a field; all particles do. This idea of fields and vibrations explains how the universe works at a deep and fundamental level.

Everything is just a consequence of many infinitely-large fields vibrating. The entire universe is made of fields playing a vast, subatomic symphony and physicists are trying to understand the melody. Taken a step further, the Superstring Theory describes this, saying that all particles and fundamental forces are vibrations of extremely small strings of energy. Everything, from electrons and protons to the wavelength of colors and sounds that surround us, are all vibrational forces making up the universe.

I started focusing on becoming the master of guiding my vibration. Another way to say this is being able to identify how I feel in the present moment and if it isn’t how I want to feel, I shift my emotions like a ninja.


When I Combine Vision and Goals Magic Happens

Now, this priority of feeling good brought me to the difference between Goal Setting and Vision Setting, and how they actually match beautifully.

An example of a goal would be to achieve some manifested result, such as “It’s August 28th, 2018 and I’m making $250,000 per year, all this right before Burning Man starts!”

Goals should be:

  1. Exciting for you
  2. Specific
  3. Measurable
  4. Attainable
  5. Timeline to achieving them

The Vision is about:

  1. How I want to feel
  2. A broad and general end result
  3. The experience of it

An example of a vision: “I am free, focused, flowing, and easily generate financial abundance doing what I want, where I want.” Or “I have a beautiful and loving relationship with money.”

Now, when you set a goal you want to be aware of when there is a disproportionate amount of undesired feelings and actions you experience along the way, such as:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Insecurity
  4. Uncertainty
  5. Comparing ourselves to others in a way that doesn’t feel good (I love competitions)

In my opinion, it’s important that your goals feel good. As you reach them or get closer to reaching them, you can always extend them. Setting goals that make you feel like shit, inadequate, feel completely unattainable, or that make you feel behind is not productive.

I like to say: “Go slowly, slowly in the direction of your dreams my loves.”

There are ways to approach Goal Setting that will allow you to focus on what you want, with the positive and desired feelings, creating rocket fuel for your life.

The magic happens when you combine the Vision and the Goal AND it feels good. You can set the goal just on the edge of what feels believable.

“I have a beautiful and loving relationship with money, so on August 18th, 2017 I am making $250,000 per year.”

If this feels good and matches up like techno music and fist pumping, then away you go!!

When you combine Visions and Goals, you find yourself being the creator of your experience.

You find yourself in the driver’s seat of the rocket ship, or the magic carpet or whatever ride you prefer.

In my opinion, the ability to enjoy your life along the way to the goal is the meaning of life. I have found that one of the keys is to be open to HOW things happen along the way, rather than being attached to dictating specifically how they happen with individual steps and events to reach an outcome.

I Enjoy the Discovery.

When we are attached to the HOW, it is easy to feel bad about ourselves if it doesn’t happen exactly the way we envisioned, as fast as envisioned, with exactly whom we envisioned it happening.

Instead, be open to it happening in a way you hadn’t imagined that delights, inspires and surprises you. Being in this mindset actually has the effect of making it happen the way we want. It’s funny and I’m sure you can think of occurrences like this. For example, how easy it is to manifest things you don’t care that much about versus something you care about a lot.

How many times have things worked out in a way that surprises and delights you? I call this “Enjoying the discovery.”

Would you be open to considering that we could actually enjoy the discovery of how life unfolds and believe that things happen in ways that delight us, surprise us, and let’s be honest, are more genius and amazing than anything we could have thought of ourselves?

This series of blog posts are full of examples of life surprises that delighted me on my way to achieving my goals, in ways I could never have imagined before. I’m excited to share them with you.

Cape Town

My intention is to strengthen your ability to feel good, do what you want, when you want, where you want, on the way to achieving your most exciting goals.

There are some structure and terms that we will be using throughout my writings, and I will mansplain them as we go. These are tools to assist in designing life the way you want it.

You may say, “I don’t like structure, I like to be free-flowing and live in the moment.” And to that, I will say that I definitely agree that flowing in the moment is an incredible feeling. The way I look at it is that if you observe anyone who’s a master: a dancer, painter or pro sports player; they’ve all built their flow and mastery on a fundamental structure. And what we see is them creating and free flowing on the foundation of that structure  

It’s beautiful and inspiring, and you are, too.

I like to set my Vision and Goal in these areas of life. I’ve found that giving them attention and focus embodies a beautiful life balance.

Key Areas of Life

  1. Time Creation
  2. Purpose
  3. Wealth and Business
    1. Relationship to money
    2. Active
    3. Passive Income
  4. Relationships
    1. To our self
    2. Romantic
    3. Family
    4. Friends
    5. Business
  5. Physical Health
    1. Energetic Health
    2. Body Movement
    3. Diet
  6. Mental Health
    1. Spirituality
    2. Manifested and unmanifested
    3. Mind/heart


Here is the Lifestyle Perfected Structure:

So, let’s break it down. I’ll give you 3 steps I take when I’m doing this:

Step 1: Get clear on how you feel and what you believe about your current situation

Step 2: Decide how you want to feel and what you want to believe

Step 3: Write down the actions you can take to have this


Step 1: Get clear on how you feel and what you believe about your current situation

I take the time to really assess and identify my feelings, and the limiting beliefs I encountered.

Undesired Feelings:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Insecurity
  4. Uncertainty
  5. Comparing ourselves to others in a way that doesn’t feel good

Limited Beliefs:

  1. I am doomed and bad things are bound to ruin my progress
  2. I have to work hard and grind to have what I want
  3. If I don’t achieve my goals people won’t respect me
  4. Stressing and worrying about achieving my goals  is inevitable
  5. I don’t have the courage or skill to achieve my goals
  6. I don’t deserve to have my dreams
  7. I won’t be able to make money from doing what I truly love


Step 2: Decide how you want to feel, what you want to believe and choose more empowering beliefs

Desired Feelings:

  1. Trust
  2. Delight
  3. Excitement
  4. Belief
  5. Adventure
  6. Confidence
  7. Flow
  8. Vibrational Alignment

Empowering Beliefs:

  1. I trust myself and the environment to align
  2. I shift my emotions like a ninja
  3. I am in alignment and on the right vibrational frequency
  4. Feeling good is my foundation for performance
  5. I deserve to do what I love
  6. When I’m aligned, everything I want flows easily and smoothly


Step 3: Write down the actions you can take to have this

  1. Wake up each morning and read my Vision and Goals in one of the 6 areas of life
  2. Focus on generating the feelings I want to feel each morning and throughout the day
  3. Journal my vision and ideas for what I’m creating
  4. Create an action plan for achieving my goals and vision
  5. Share my vision with all my friends, family, the bagger at the grocery store and anyone else who will listen. You never know who has the same vision or who could help you achieve your goals.
  6. Pay attention and see where my vision is beginning to come true, and appreciate it as I receive it.
  7. Ensure I’m enjoying the journey, notice when I’m not and shift it.


Questions for our inner being:

What are the specific vision and the goals I need to achieve?

Are my vision and goals aligned with my passion?

What are the limiting beliefs keeping me from moving forward and doing what I love?

Share on my Lifestyle Perfected page, I would love to hear from you. Much love.

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