True Wealth is Living the Dream …

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True Wealth is living the dream by feeling good on your way to living the dream

First two companies I built and sold with @realblackvelvet, living close to our office was non-negotiable. The first we one we lived right on top of the building of our office, the second one we lived within walking distance in downtown San Diego.

Daily commute was a term that always felt enjoyable to me.

For the past 3 years my office has been wherever I am.

I knew what I wanted and also had some limiting beliefs about being able to have it.

What’s most aligned to me today in the area of business:
Riding an ATV shirtless down a dirt road to my favorite jungle cafe


Waking up before dawn, bringing in the feeling of gratitude smiling and laughing to get my vibration on point, having a big glass of water, stretching while listening to Abraham Hicks or @reganhillyer, reading and filling out my Lifestyle Perfected Daily Adventure, having surf and then sitting down and crushing some work shirtless with delicious food all around my laptop

Making lot’s of money by adding value to people’s lives everyday in ways that are fun and fulfilling to me

Having the balance in 6 areas of my life:
Time Creation, Mental and Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Purpose, Relationships and Money/Business

A year and a half ago I decided to come spend time in the jungle beaches of Costa Rica. Whilst in a hammock I asked myself what did I want to do with my life now?

The answer came: Align the vibration of the planet by impacting the biggest impactors
Today I sit here with the growing client roster of two types of amazing humans:
Top CEO’s of social impact companies
The most followed social media influencers in the world

We raise our vibration, get aligned around feeling good, show leadership by sharing authentically about our journey and make money through social impact companies and conscious products

So my point is:
“Dream your biggest dreams and be open to receiving it. You deserve it. You know you do.”

What’s your big dream? I’m here to support you.

Sending you all the love ❤️ #CostaRica#Inspiration #Love #Dreams#LifestylePerfected