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See The Best In People To Get The Best In People

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Something that has completely transformed my experience of life has been loving myself fully so I can love others freely. I see the best in people and I get the best in people because of that.

When we are too attentive to our own flaws from a misaligned place (vs a place of forgiveness and focused improvement) we often focus on the flaws of others, bringing them forth into actions that lead to undesired results.

Flow with me here, this is a reprogramming.

The Department of Labour estimates the cost of a bad hire can be up to 30% of a team member’s annual salary.

The average salary in the US being $56,516 means a bad hire could cost $15,000.

These costs come from money spent training the new employee, the knock-on effect of low productivity and output as well as increased staff turnover.

This website actually has an online calculator that can help you figure out the cost of bad hires within your company.

It provides figures on:

  • Your retention rate
  • Unrecoverable salary
  • Wasted management time/ training costs
  • Lost recruitment fees
  • Cost of lost productivity

By implementing a masterful hiring mindset and process you achieve incredible things:

  • Have a culture centered team that generates passion and energy
  • The team is aligned in the Massive Transformative Purpose of the company
  • Increase timeline integrity where initiatives are completed according to the projected schedule
  • Have people in their zone of genius innovating
  • Increase profits
  • Foster leadership, freeing you up to do more of what you love

The data below demonstrates the impact a misaligned hiring process can have on your company and the applying candidates.

  • 63% of candidates will reject a job offer due to a bad hiring experience.
  • Each vacancy costs the average company $500 a day.
  • Organizations with established and effective onboarding procedures experienced 50% more new candidate productivity.

The hiring process goes all the way from; defining the job role to seamlessly onboarding A-player candidates into your organization and then empowering them.

Below is an overview of the hiring process we implement at Lifestyle Perfected.

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An Inside Look At Google’s Hiring Process.

Leading the way as one of the most iconic IT companies, it’s no surprise Google is a popular place to work.

Reports have stated they receive over 1 million resumes every year.

Due to the sheer volume of applicants, Google needs a robust process to ensure they’re hiring the right people for the right roles.

So what does that process look like?

Despite being very different from most companies on the planet, their hiring process is not much different from most.


Step 1: The Application

Google puts all open job roles on their website with an in-depth description including; the role itself, job title, location, guidelines for applying, minimum qualifications and preferred qualifications and the benefits of working with Google.

Candidates then decide if they fit the role and can apply via a virtual application survey. This survey included:

  • What does “insert job title” mean to you?
  • Questions related to the goals and targets they’d be expected to achieve in the job.
  • A section to include their cover letter.
  • A space to upload their resume.

Step 2: The Interview

Once an applicant passed the initial application they would move into a 2-stage interview process.

The first interview would be conducted over the phone or video conference. The second stage was an in-person or ‘hangout’ interview.

These interviews varied depending on the job role they were applying for.

More technical roles may include some form of problem-solving assessment or some technical questions that required a demonstration of skill.

Something Google does slightly differently to most companies at this stage is they assess an applicant’s Googleyness’.

Basically, how well they fit into the company culture.

Google actually tested how many interviews were needed to get a good estimate of the applicant’s potential performance.

The data shows a calculated mean across 4 interviews was the most effective and efficient way of predicting a new hire’s performance.

Step 3: The Review

This is when the ‘behind-the-scenes review’ happens.

Here, all applicants are compiled into candidate packets where all relevant material for each applicant is compounded and various members of the company from different levels and teams review the top candidates.

The top candidates are then handed to the senior leader who then makes a final decision on who they will hire.

Step 4: The Background Check

Now its time for background checks which consists of the following:

  • Criminal history
  • Education verification.
  • Employee verification.
  • Reference checks.

If there are no red flags then hiring moves forward as planned and onboarding begins.

Step 5: Employee Onboarding

For new hire onboarding, Google follows the “Just in time” alert system. These are a series of reminders sent to the manager to remind them of the tasks which help streamline and optimize the onboarding process.

It includes tasks such as:

  • Discuss job responsibilities with the new hire.
  • Match the new hire with a “buddy” who can show them the ropes.
  • Help the new hire meet new people and build a network at Google.
  • Set up monthly check-ins for the first half-year of the hire’s employment.
  • Establish an open-door policy so the hire knows they can always approach the manager if they have a question or need help with something.
  • This process ensures the new hire isn’t just left to it and also has the space to grow into their role.

The data below demonstrates the difference a comprehensive onboarding program can make to your company.

How Can You Introduce A Masterful Hiring Process Like Google’s?

Below is a visual aid showing the ROI difference when you hire someone better aligned to your company compared to an ‘average’ hire.

An average hire:

A better than average hire:

You see, going to the trouble of following in Google’s footprints when it comes to hiring can really benefit you and your company.

The data above shows the impact a better hire can have on your company.

A better hire has an elevated level of performance and the duration that level is maintained is elongated. The result is increased ROI in, revenue, productivity, and retention.

Let’s Look At The Alignment Patterns of Feelings & Beliefs You May Have Around Hiring.

Undesired Feelings:

  • Anxiety
  • Doubt
  • Frustration
  • Distrust
  • Scarcity

Limiting Beliefs:

  • I’m anxious about the effectiveness of our hiring process.
  • Previous hires haven’t performed so I’m doubtful we will be successful now
  • I’m frustrated by our lack of ability to systematically produce the best candidate fits for the roles we are filling.
  • It’s hard to find people I can trust to do the job as well as I do
  • All the best employees already have jobs and it’s hard to attract them to our company.

These undesired feelings and limiting beliefs may be hindering you and your companies potential for growth, from a cultural, enjoyment and profit perspective.

Based on the content in this newsletter, please ask yourself this question:

“Do you think shifting your feelings and beliefs, realigning your relationship to hiring and introducing a world-class hiring process is a worthwhile focus?”

If so, let’s move onto the feelings and beliefs you can adopt that empower you to take your hiring process to the next level.

Desired Feelings:

  • Optimism
  • Excitement
  • Clarity
  • Grateful
  • Confidence

Empowering Beliefs:

  • I’m optimistic about our process and we’re finding amazing candidates.
  • I’m excited to meet people who are better than me.
  • I’m clear on what an all-star team member looks like for our company.
  • I’m grateful for the HR team we have executed on the hiring process.
  • I’m confident that our company culture attracts great team members.

Adopting these desired feelings and beliefs that resonate with you can empower and excite you for the potential your company has to build a culture of incredible and inspiring people who are completely aligned with your Massive Transformative Purpose.

The Action Steps outlined below make introducing an effective hiring process really simple.

ACTION STEP 1: Re-align with your Massive Transformative Purpose.

Before bringing anyone into your company make sure you have the culture and creative work ethic you desire.

This way you ensure new hires know where they stand from day 1.

This article can help you work through what it is your company stands for and the vision it has for its future.

ACTION STEP 2: Define the qualities an employee must possess.

Define the qualities an all-star employee needs to have. This article on websmarter provides some inspiration into the qualities you should be keeping an eye out for when screening applicants.

ACTION STEP 3: Outline your company’s hiring process.

Create an overview of the perfect hiring process and start formulating procedures to ensure the next time you start the hiring process you know you’re all set to fill the role with the best applicant possible and can ensure a quality onboarding process to maximize the potential you get from new employees.

This document by Kalibrr gives you an in-depth walkthrough of Google’s hiring procedure which you can replicate.

One of our clients Julie Serot, Founder of Dharma Circle, used the Lifestyle Perfected hiring process to attract top talent and is on her way to her first million in annual revenue.

“The Lifestyle Perfected Hiring Process has consistently brought us top notch candidates and A-Player value aligned hires who have taken our company to the next level.”

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