Repeat this: I can have everything I want in life by following my bliss 2

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Repeat this: I can have everything I want in life by following my bliss

2 years ago I chose to came to Costa Rica, rent a simple beach house in the jungle and run my businesses from here. A year before this I had lost all mine and investor money, over $1 million, on a social impact startup.

My hypothesis was that if I follow my bliss and focus on doing what I wanted I could have everything I wanted in life all from a hammock or wherever else I please

70% of me believed I could, 30% of me had fear and know muting beliefs and 100% of me knew that I wanted this life

And I wanted to help others do the same: 
What you want, where you want, how you want with who you want.

I'm going to share specifically what's happened in this past year:
*I've become masterful at making choices and creating from love, alignment and bliss vs. from some form of fear or what feels "logical"
*I've supported 100's of high achieving founders, CEO's and executives find their own alignment, feel good, create social impact and make even more money doing so
*I've donated my time and skills to sharing alignment and life balance with youth organizations *Un the first year of our Compassionate Adventures real estate fund we've raised $3 million for real estate projects that we love and believe in
*In the first year of business generated $150,000 in annual passive income *In the first year of business generated $130,000 in active income from Lifestyle Perfected programs
*Grown a team of incredible people where we enjoy running the business together *Have a loving and supportive community of friends and family who support and love each other 
Most importantly I've done this in a peaceful, flowing, fun and loving way. I'm so grateful. 
Why am I sharing this? 
Because you I want you to know you can have things the way you want. 
Here's to the hammock life

I love you and believe you️

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