Proud moment. I’ve always loved to create new with/for people. It’s the best feeling for

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Proud moment. I've always loved to create new with/for people. It's the best feeling for me, being with someone when we discover a new opening in life. I wanted to do this on a mass scale and the keynote + workshop format has been my answer. The challenge was I have been scared AF of speaking ever since I was 16 years old and got laughed off stage in front of the 2,000 person school.  6 months ago I decided to face it and go...I've spoken 10 times now this year from keynoting Macy's Innovation Summit to shaking uncontrollably all the way to the moment I got on stage at my talk. Yesterday and today teaching The Art of at was the first time (after 10 talks) I felt so comfortable and connected to the audience. They asked to pick me up for this picture. It finally feels natural and the results I see people produce is in an instant makes my heart beat. I'm speaking at next, # and many more. Thank you to everyone who believed and supported me. And to all who have a dream and a desire it's time. Here we go Much

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