It’s my 36th birthday and I have a gift for you!!

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Good day loves!

Today is my birthday and I’m so so so grateful to be on this planet as me, with you. Thank you for being you and being here with me.

I wanted to write many more “so’s”, however, 3 will do for now 

Spoiler alert: My gift to you is the gift of gratitude and giving. If you want to donate to a beautiful cause for my birthday and not read on (it’s great content though) you can do so here:

Please read on 

Every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to sleep – usually around 9:30 pm these days – I think about all the people and things in life I’m grateful for.

It makes me feel good and keeps me flowing in the direction I want to go. (As opposed to thinking about what I don’t want to happen like I used to, this is really the foundation of the Law of Attraction)

What are you grateful for? (Feel free to reply to this and tell me!)

Even though we may have challenges in life, we can also be grateful for them and view them as opportunities. Because don’t we always learn, become closer together to people and elevate from challenges? That’s why I say: “I feel good about feeling bad”.

One of the aspects of my life I’m the most grateful for is being of service to others. My name actually means generous in Hebrew and I take that shit to heart as a way of life!

I’ve found that one of the things that fill me up the most if being able to give in all forms:

With a smile, with present listening, with a hug, with an “I believe in you”, advice, a connection or a charitable contribution.

I encourage you to be present to all the ways you can serve and give to others each day. It only takes a little bit.

Today, on my 36 birthday I ask you to consider the gift of giving to people that are near and dear to my heart.

The  Ju/´hoansi Bushmen/women, a tribe living in Namibia. They live in a remote area and are deeply connected to the land.

What I’ve learned about the Bushmen/women fascinated me:

The Ju/´hoansi have the most genetic matches in the world and are probably your most ancient family members.

For thousands of years, they have moved over the same hunting grounds and have designed the best shoe for this harsh environment. The inspiring founder of Nanofasa, Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilssen, has partnered with these bushmen/women to create a sustainable business and after a successful Kickstarter campaign over 1,400 San-dals were ordered by people from all over the world, and two more seasons have already been sold out with over 3,000 orders received that will be paid once they begin production!!!

The orders from this business provide the opportunity to employ and support their entire village with education, food, housing and a happy life …

This factory was built and functioning and sadly on December 18th the entire factory burned down, as a solar panel (yes they use renewable energy!) fuse blew.

All the tools, all the materials, and money invested are burned …

When I heard this I was a bit in shock because I know how much the tribe and Aleks had worked on this business and the heartbreak of losing it.

I’ve lost my own business I’d put years into in the past and it was devastating for a period. Luckily I had people in my life to support and lift me up.

While in the comfort of my Costa Rica home I’m in right now, I thought about the livelihoods of all the people that work in that space, the hunger they are facing over the holidays, about all the orders waiting to be made and the lack of funding to help them.

Then I started to be grateful again and think about what’s beautiful …

What’s beautiful is that it’s my birthday and I was looking to serve in some way and this opportunity showed up.

What’s beautiful is that I am able to make my own starting donation of $1,000.

What’s beautiful is that I have so many loving friends like you who may be inspired by this story to give $5, $10, $50, $100 or more so these amazing people, we are related to, so they can rebuild their factory and restart their thriving business.

We are going to raise $30,000 to fully rebuild the factory! Let’s be the legends that we are.

So today I want to give you the gift of giving, if you are inspired to, please donate here:

Sending you ALL the love today, thank you for being in my life.