I Love Me So I Can Love Others

By May 31, 2017No Comments

Affirmation for the day: I love myself fully, so I can love others freely and fully.


I see you.

I believe in you.

You are love.

You are source energy in a physical body.

You are the most beautiful you available in this universe.

I love you.


My request for you today is to allow yourself to feel love for the parts of you that you love, and the parts of you that you want to change. Would you try that today and let me know how it goes?

Learning to love yourself is about fully doing so, not picking and choosing parts you like and don’t like. Liberation and confidence come from embracing your flaws in addition to the things you are proud of.


I used to loathe myself.

I used to wish I was born someone else, anyone else.

Someone with a better personality.

Someone smarter and more skilled.

One day I realized how exhausting that is and I tried something new.

I chose to love myself.

To love the parts of me that I didn’t want to have anything to do with.


And you know what?

I did it and I’ve been in love with almost everything since then. I wake up every day and consciously choose to love myself and my surroundings, choose to be around loving and happy people, and choose to be happy myself.

Have you made the choice to love yourself? Your whole self? How did your life change after doing this?

Sending you all the love,


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Much love and thank you for reading!