for our lives: “I feel good and watch what happens” here we come:) My birthplace

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for our lives: "I feel good and watch what happens" here we come:) My birthplace has a special place in my heart ️ I asked for an upgrade at the gate, as I was smiling to the Austrian airlines employees and asking how they were doing. I saw the sun glaring in her eyes so I held up my hand to shield the light while she looked what she could do for me. It looked like I was just raising my hand to talk or something. It looked funny. She said $800 for the 10 hour flight and I asked her if they could do better as I was prepared to spend $500. She called her manager to ask and they said no. I smiled and thanked her for trying, asking her if she would like me to keep standing there with my hand up for her. She laughed and asked for my ticket and moved me to a empty row at the front of the plane. Don't you love how life works like this? Here's to being happy and spreading it to others. If you need me in the next week you can find me swimming in a bowl of hummus. Much love ️

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