What does love mean to you? I’ve realized that is aging like fine wine. I

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What does love mean to you? I've realized that is aging like fine wine. I lived here for 7 years of my life and loved it. Now I come visit and I can feel your hearts beating love in unison. @clarkjhogan and @thejessicarabbott thank you for hosting us and thank to all my fam who came and got weird together. 
For me growing up love was showed in beatiful ways like my parents supporting me in my studies, reading to me, sending me to camps and enriching education. However we didn't know how to say "I love you" and touch wasn't common...anyone else experience this? It brought me pain and suffering until one day I chose to begin seeking mentors and being one myself. included. Everything has shifted and today I feel immense and the ability to tell YOU, I love you and mean it. Love has become an infinite spectrum of feeling to explore with each person and moment I come in contact with. The talk I gave Friday has been brewing for me and I gave it from the heart that night dressed as a jaguar . So comment below: "What does love mean to you?" And tag someone you love.

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