Today is Thanksgiving, as we all know everyday is a day to give thanks. However

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Today is Thanksgiving, as we all know everyday is a day to give thanks.

However sometimes that can feel challenging right? We have our amygdala brain to thank for that. (I’ll get to that in a moment)

A simple way to do this is to keep our positive and grateful thoughts to 60% or more of our time thinking. 
Ask yourself what proportion of positive thoughts do I have throughout the day? 
So the “reptile brain” an ancient part of our brain has helped us survive when we were in threat of dying from predators, the good news the murder and death from war rate is the lowest it’s ever been in human history, so yayyyy.

Thinking negatively, is an OVERREACTION of survival brain trying to protect us from dying from things that won’t kill us:) Here’s how to shift this by being in a state of Open Eye Meditation. I would close eye meditate, however when I’d finish this state of enlightened bliss, I’d go back to being triggered and grouchy AF. 
Notice my ratio of thoughts and shift: This one is key, I’d really focus on being present and check in more and more often, consciously shifting back to thinking about something I’m grateful for. 
See the best in myself, people and every situation: I always focus on what I love about myself, about others and about the moment when I am with them. I’ve learned when I let go of the “bad stuff” it disappears, this is law of attraction.

Breathing and listening to people: This one was huge. I noticed how sometimes I’d get so triggered by what someone was saying just because it didn’t align to me or I felt threatened. In these moments I breathe, listen and ask more questions. Purposefully delaying my negative thoughts and response about what they were saying. Often times I’d either end up just letting it go or be able to respond from a place of love and connection, even when we had differing opinions. 
Stop and smell the fucking roses: Notice how many amazing aspects we have to our lives. Like my friends @mikiagrawal and @itsandrewhorn say, “Holy Shit we’re alive!!” Let’s firstly be grateful and proud of the mountain we’ve climbed and stand on. 
Loving and grateful for you today and everyday️

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