This is what alignment looks like A selfie with out of control bedhead and sleepy

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This is what alignment looks like 
A selfie with out of control bedhead and sleepy eyes you ask?

Yes that's right. 
To me alignment is: Feeling into life moment by moment and taking the action that feels most aligned (or feels best)

I'm going to give you a slightly mundane and illogical example
Yesterday after a magical week long trip to Ibiza and Afest I had a 3 leg flight to Tel Aviv through Germany.

As the last person was boarding I sat there and felt that I wanted to eat snacks in bed and have a great nights sleep. And today wake up fresh, beach run, prepare a Lifestyling for Teams proposal for one of my favorite companies and enjoy the session with my coach Stephanie in the afternoon 
This was my highest excitement, not hopping on a 3 leg red eye flight and I realized that a moment before boarding
The next aligned action was check what flight I could take today and I found one for $313 to Tel Aviv.
So THEN, the next aligned action was to ask the gate attendant to take my checked luggage off the plane

My logical mind was like: "Dude WTF do you think you are doing? You're going to leave this flight now and instead go buy shnackies and eat them whilst in bed watching Netflix? What are you 8? 
You already have an apt rented in Israel why double pay for a night? Oh no you're not, you are getting on this flight young man right now!" But I've learned better. 
I've learned to follow my alignment, how I feel and let my intuition guide me, even when it may seem a bit cray
I’ve learned to listen to what logic has to say, and then bring in what feels good and choose from there, sometimes I go with what logic tells me, however I always feel into it first
I’ve learned to stay very calm and peaceful in moments like this while my mind may be rattling, and create what feels best for me
I’ve learned to do what feels best to me, what’s most aligned to me, even if it may disappoint others, because I know taking action that are out of alignment to me, simple contribute to others misalignment…. So what happened?
I ate delicious shnacks
I onboarded a new Lifestyle Perfected mastermind
(Longer than insta allows read the rest on my FB: Nadav Wilf)
Much love!

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