The jungle is calling me….does nature call to you? I’ve been back in the city

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The jungle is calling me….does nature call to you?
I’ve been back in the city for a month now after spending 3 months on the beaches of Costa Rica and Brazil. I’m loving it, however excited to head back to nature for Afrika Burn and then a couple weeks wandering around Africa. 
I had been living in cities my whole life and then, I shit you not, one day a frog told me it was time to go live in the jungle  
So I'm open eye meditating next to the stream on the beauty of the nature at Storm King Sculpture park about an hour north of New York.

I become mesmerized by the glistening of the water and thought about what we call surreal is actually real. It’s nature. 
I suddenly feel the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees, trying to communicate with me somehow. 
The feeling of “Perfection” kept going through my head and heart. I realized I was not in the past, I was not in the future, I was only in the present moment and I was overcome with gratitude.

Next thing I know I look to my right and there is a frog perched next to me, not hopping around close to me, just posted up like the homie, facing the same way enjoying the day with me

So I say to her: “Hello my love, how are you and what are you doing here?” She communicates back (This is what popped into my head): “I’m here to tell you it’s time for you to go live in the nature of jungle. And until you do that, also look at people as nature”

I was delighted and I think to myself: “How do I look at nature”

We cherish it, we don’t judge it, we are grateful for it’s beauty in whatever asymmetrical way it shows up,  we simply love it.

This moment changed my life forever, I headed to live in Costa Rica and all the goodness of my location free life and reconnecting to source came from that.

So today, in love with Israel, Tel Aviv and all the magic I’ve experienced here, I’m ready to head to Africa to be with the wilderness. 
Anyone feeling me? Much love ️

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