Serendipity is our magic friend I’m living in a home right on the beach of

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Serendipity is our magic friend

I'm living in a home right on the beach of Arrifana as a guest of an amazing gentleman I hugged last year at the Design Hotels member conference and flowed back into our friendship this year.

Let me ’splain:
1. I didn't know how to hug my whole life and felt uncomfortable doing it
2. I finally got it together and the hang of it at Burning Man 3 years ago
3. I'd decided to make a talk called The Art of Hugging and share my story of hugsformation with others and show them how to do it themselves 
4. I started being paid for this within 6 months and was asked to open the Design Hotels conference one of the most prestigious boutique hotel brands in the world 
5. I made friends with Claus the visionary founder of Design Hotels and he graciously invited me to this years conference 
6. I hugged and befriended the amazing Rodrigo owner of multiple boutique hotels in Portugal last year and connected with him at this years conference. 
7. He told me to come live in his vacation home here on the beach of Arrifana and took care of everything. He’s a true gem. 
So here we are, flowing and allowing the magic of life. Creating from bliss and gratitude. 
Serendipity is us creating in ways that delight us and surprise us in the best ways…sending you all the love from here️
Wishing you the most serendipitous day

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