Live Your Purpose at Lifestyle Perfected

“True wealth is living the dream by feeling good on the way to living your dreams.”

– Nadav Wilf, Founder of Lifestyle Perfected

Lifestyle Perfected is a holding company focused around profitable returns through social impact on a global level.

We provide coaching, consulting and social media services to the top CEOs and influencers in the world.

We value our team’s well being and success as our top priority providing weekly coaching programs, 35 hour work weeks and the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. Please see our openings below to be considered to join the team.

Lifestyle Perfected Content Marketing Manager

Lifestyle Perfected Purpose:

Lifestyle Perfected is a global movement and experience of life that empowers every person to elevate our consciousness and alignment in service of ourselves, our businesses and the planet 

We support amazing CEOs, teams and individuals in feeling good, living the life they love and making the impact they want to make in the world. We have created incredible content, Alignment Methodology and Software as Service that empowers our clients to realize what they want, distinguish their empowering and limiting beliefs and integrate the learning and systems into their lives and companies. This is where you come in!!! 

Looking for a Content Marketing ninja with a great attitude and innate desire to contribute to people. Able to tell stories in an engaging and structured way with key concepts that provide value and inspire people to go to their next level. 

In this Content Marketing Manager position, you will be collaborating alongside Nadav, Founder and CEO, Eloivene, Director of Operations, and Ryan Bartman, Director of Possibilities to create content that disrupts and inspires people to elevate their vibration, improve their lives and business. The product has been proven to be highly effective as is evident from the testimonials you can read on the website.

We have 3 pillars:

Coaching and Consulting: We provide coaching and consulting to the top social impact CEOs and influencers in the world, as well as online coaching products available to anyone.


Online Courses

Sustainable Hospitality: Creating eco-sustainable homes away from home where all living beings are welcome to awaken consciousness in service and harmony to ourselves and the planet.

Social Impact Investing: investing in companies that are good for their team members, good for the customer and good for the planet.

Company Values:

  • Alignment: Alignment of mind, heart and life experience
  • Love: Love yourself fully so youI can love others freely
  • Kindness: Kindness to myself and others is a measure of my spirituality.
  • Courage: Being courageous means expanding what’s possible in my life and for others.
  • Vulnerability: Sharing vulnerably and authentically means I create meaningful and connected relationships in my life.
  • Fun: Life is supposed to be fun and feel good
  • Exploration: I’m an explorer, when I’m open, I notice my initial thoughts and then consciously see things with an open mind, a world of new possibilities open up
  • Passion: Passions are abundant and not something I have, they are who I am
  • Tribe: When I discover and share who I am, I attract and build my tribe.

Overview of Role 

We are seeking an amazing Head of Content Marketing to provide value to the world by communicating our transformational information and methodologies to all humans.

Looking for strong experience in the personal development and social impact space.

The tiers of content you would manage and create include:

  1. Free content and tools that are available through platforms including but not limited to social media platforms, online course platform, and the website
  2. Free content and tools that are available to Lifestyle Perfected Tribe within gated communities, including but not limited to private community groups and more.
  3. Premium Paid content, online courses and learning tools that are in-depth, hands-on and personalized (where applicable) delivered through video, audio, dynamic worksheets and apps, online courses, and/or live trainings via workshops and one-on-one coaching/trainings.

You will collaborate directly with Nadav Wilf, Lifestyle Perfected founder and CEO, as well as the core team, web developer and graphic designer to organize, synthesize and convert into accessible free and grated content the wealth of existing content within our 24 areas of life and business, producing: 

  1. Software Tools with our developers
  2. Online courses
  3. Workshop, speaking engagement and live training recordings
  4. Presentations
  5. Videos
  6. Webinars
  7. Images
  8. Infographics
  9. Memes
  10. Blogs
  11. Landing pages
  12. Podcasts

Within each area of life in the structure of tiers mentioned above in the form of training content and value, as well as marketing funnel content and advertising content.

You should have experience with managing/creating content calendars that build brand awareness + provide training and value to generate leads in converting to paying clients within a digital and learning ecosystem, as well as experience with digital publishing, monitoring metrics, and generating leads for new business within the e-learning and thought leadership space.


  1. Create a content calendar comprised of publishing new content daily, multiple times/day across multiple social media platforms, that creates value for consumers, builds brand awareness and sales.
  2. Secure 10 public relation opportunities with strategic partners every 30 days, including but not limited to podcast interviews, guest blogger, webinar co-host, and virtual summit speaker for Lifestyle Perfected.
  3. Add 5,000 new members to the Lifestyle Perfected Tribe each month.
  4. Create 50 or more sales a month of Lifestyle Perfected products through content. 


Content Marketing and Creation:

  • Collaborating with the team to create value focused content organized in a funnel that clearly communicates Lifestyle Perfected methodologies and product offerings:
    • Marketing materials: Newsletters and social media design assets
    • Webinars and sales meeting materials
    • Landing pages
    • Deck slides
    • Course curriculums
    • Alignment Software (LP Saas)
    • Client Surveys
    • Resources and Partners
    • Implementation systems
    • KPI and Metrics Dashboards
  • Social strategy and content creation guide that encompasses  engaging, life elevating, original content across multimedia formats comprised of voice and brand cohesiveness on behalf of Nadav and aligned with the Lifestyle Perfected purpose:  

A global movement and experience of life that empowers every person to elevate our consciousness  and alignment in service of ourselves, our businesses and the planet. 

    • Create a system + workflow to organize, repurpose and convert the wealth of  existing Lifestyle Perfected content, into accessible, distilled free and gated content that’s optimal for sharing on social media, with the goal of increasing exposure and driving leads into our marketing funnels.Serve as liaison with stakeholders to execute on this workflow, including video editors, videographers, designers and more.
    • Create and execute a robust content calendar at a daily publishing frequency across multiple social media and multimedia platforms.
    • Research trends/ industry-related topics, identify customer needs and generate comprehensive tactical content and social media strategies , iterating and optimizing strategies and workflows to meet these industry standards as well as customer trends. 
    • Create and execute on an editorial calendar for Lifestyle Perfected coaches to add value in the marketplace and drive leads into marketing funnels. 
    • Conduct keyword research and use SEO guidelines to optimize content and reach.
    • Create topic-aligned content across  top to bottom of the funnel (free to paid) in each area of life and business that Lifestyle Perfected focuses on in products and services. 
    • Consistently grow audience and email list through organic and paid content
    • Email copywriting:  Create email campaigns and live broadcast emails that offer value, solicit engagement and strategic action, and drive sign ups and sales of our products.
    • Strong mastery of strategy (doing it yourself or in collaboration with an expert in the format) across various types of content platforms and formats:
      • Blog 
      • White papers
      • Worksheets
      • Adwords and social media ad copy
      • Email Marketing
      • Video (social video, online course video, etc.)
      • Personal development course creation (experience with Kajabi a plus)
      • Landing page copy and page building
      • Podcasts
      • Instagram
      • Facebook
      • Youtube
      • TikTok
      • Triller
    • Video Producer: Organizing and providing video snippets (excerpts from repurposed content) to our video editors to create impactful videos for social media.
    • Execute Content Calendar: Publish content on social media platforms and manage/monitor engagement (e.g. comments, direct messages, and shares.) Experience with social media management platforms like Hootsuite a plus. 
    • Update website and create landing pages in collaboration with designer and developers
    • Third Party Content: Find engaging and relevant content from aligned brands and strategic partners, and integrate strategically into our content calendar across social media and email. 
    • Create design assets with Metrics: 
      • Measuring, sharing and improving results through a KPI dashboard. 
      • Develop benchmarks and goals for each campaign and ensure they are reached

    Content Marketing, Relationship Building and Public Relations:

    • Collaborating with Head of Business Development to create criteria and target lists for partner prospects
    • Managing prospects within Copper CRM
    • Creating strategy for webinars, partnerships, and product shared visions
    • Develop strategic partnerships with aligned brands and thought leaders in support of Lifestyle Perfected offering guest blog appearances, podcast or video interviews, virtual summits, co-hosting webinars, and more.  
    • Strategic Partnership Development and Affiliate Launches: Outreach to aligned thought leaders and brands to engage in affiliate content development and launches, including but not limited to co-create content and courses, conducting live launches for courses and programs, conducting virtual summits and more.
    • Lead Public Relations strategy for premium ad placement either internally or with our PR company.
    • Participate in internal product/marketing meetings, either with the Lifestyle Perfected team or its individual team members, to support with creating content calendar that supports current marketing funnels and sales initiatives. 

    Requirements  (Academic/Experiential)

    • BA in Communications, Journalism, PR, Marketing and/or English strongly preferred
    • Demonstrable work experience as a content developer, social media manager or strategist or comparable role
    • Portfolio reflecting experience in developing/executing content calendar, copy, creative. 
    • Experience with Content Management Systems and CRMs (e.g. WordPress, Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Media, Kajabi)
    • Excellent English writing and editing skills
    • An ability to fact-check long-form content pieces
    • Great Time-management and project management skills
    • Familiarity with SEO
    • Aligned and passionate about serving Lifestyle Perfected’s mission – elevating people and the planet
    • Must have at least one year of experience as a technical writer (preferably in the coaching/personal development sector)
    • Prior experience writing/producing online content, such as the examples listed above
    • Ability to deliver quality work in a fast-paced, high-volume, deadline-driven environment
    • Entrepreneurial spirit and independent thinker
    • Able and interested in working on a remote team, and available to work during Eastern Standard Time business hours primarily, with flexibility to create your own schedule
    • Internet access required for this position.

    Required Skills and Qualities 

    • Outstanding communication skills
    • Takes ownership 
    • Team player within an agile, remote, start-up environment, while also identifying as a self-starter, independently motivated and a proactive individual contributor.
    • Passionate about consciousness and expansion
    • Outstanding organizational skills
    • Able to receive and implement feedback to elevate as part of the Lifestyle Perfected family
    • Able and excited to work with people from different backgrounds
    • Innovative solutions based thinker 

    We look forward to meeting you. To apply, please fill out our Best Fit Survey.


    The Lifestyle Perfected Team

    The Dharma Circle Sales Director

    The Dharma Circle Purpose:

    The Dharma Circle’s commitment is to guide ambitious women into living out their Dharma so they can be on-purpose, abundant, and aligned. As a result, they manifest more money, time, freedom, and joy into their lives. 

    We have a current opening for a Sales Director to join the team immediately.  You will be collaborating alongside Julie, founder, to scale our business revenue to the next level. The Dharma Circle has been proven to be highly effective as is evident from the testimonials on the website. 

    Read more on the company site here 

    We are looking for a focused, result-driven Sales Director who will work to grow the sales team by 3 more people in the 3rd Quarter of 2020 and train them to create extraordinary results!  The ideal candidate is a self-motivated trainer and sales professional who has the authority and power to train and lead a team to reach epic levels of success. This candidate will be responsible for hiring their team of A players and running at a fast-pace to create significant growth in 2020 and beyond.

    Job Type: Full-time

    You are a perfect fit for this position if …

    • You are someone who likes to make suggestions, lead, and run with things to create results! You have been in the coaching world!  
    • You aren’t afraid to figure it out and you have a super positive attitude. 
    • You understand the numbers and have suggestions on how to get better leads. 
    • You can write a sales script to help the sales team follow up through text messaging to get people on the phone. 
    • You’d love to talk to the marketing and event teams to make sure the lead generation funnels are optimized!
    • You never feel satisfied with your results and you grow stronger results year after year.
    • You have exceptional training skills, and you could get on stage and train how to sell!
    • You like being a part of a team and you’re competitive to win!
    • Willing to jump in and sell to stay sharp!
    • You are always a YES to new & innovative opportunities to generate results for yourself and your team and you work through all the kinks with tenacity and a positive attitude.
    • You want more freedom and you understand that it takes work! 

    Benefits of working with The Dharma Circle:

    • Work from any location in the world
    • Unlimited paid vacations
    • Quarterly bonus structure
    • Hiring Bonus structure
    • Future medical benefits
    • Very motivated to be a “World Class” sales team, we have a company mantra: People before Profits!
    • You get to create your own legacy with an established small company! 
    • We have done a lot of lead generation, you can now grow and cultivate the team!
    • We care and work very hard.  
    • I’d rather pull you back then push you forward.
    • Our culture is spiritually focused. 
    • Opportunity to increase personal revenue through optional salesperson goals.



    Specific targets to be reviewed and agreed upon.

    1. Produce targets and specific incremental revenue goals each month from all coaching and product sales.
    2. Generate a target number of new prospect meetings/proposals/conversations each month with the support of our outreach systems.
    3. Manage list building and/or campaign initiatives to create and maintain a specific number of new top prospect leads per month. 
    4. Lead the sales team to achieve the revenue goal of producing an agreed-upon number of new coaching clients each month. 
    5. Demonstrate a consistent increase in sales KPIs, including landing page and sales conversion rates.
    6. Utilize systems (CRM, Email Marketing, etc.) to create, measure, automate, and report on all sales KPIs and metrics in Sales meetings.



    Prospect Creation and Outreach:

    • Manage outreach to ideal client and partner prospects with the goal of a meeting or conversion 
        1. Manage the hiring and execution of lead generation to create and maintain a certain number of new top prospect leads per month 
          • Identify ideal clients and create guidelines to acquire their contact info
          • Identify where to find these clients such as conferences, clubs, publications, and other places
          • Create and manage opportunities created in CRM, managing scheduling and communication until the Shared Vision stage. 
          • Identify amazing events to partner with an invite special people in our network
        2. The goal of generating new prospect meetings per month and closing new paying clients.
          • Copywriting, testing, and optimization of email templates to schedule said meetings and get prospects into pipelines as qualified opportunities based on our target criteria. 
          • Prepare and present weekly CRM reports, reporting on pertinent metrics, and revenue.
    • Client consulting and/or implementation for outreach and lead generation 
        1. Create and manage along with your team, outreach and lead generation strategies, including;  
          • KPI creation and dashboard
          • Email templates, list building, ideal target client criteria 
          • Consulting and/or drafting of copy for outreach execution 
          • Implementation, if needed, of marketing systems for outreach
    • Google AdWords Lead Generation of ideal client and partner prospects with the goal of meetings and coaching product sales in collaboration with AdWords contractors 
        1. The building of landing pages used to generate leads and/or qualified prospect meetings
        2. Execute and optimize ad strategy, driving traffic to landing pages for lead generation.
          • Conducting competitor/industry research and keyword research and optimization 
          • Split test ad and landing page variations 
          • Optimize by location, device, demographics, and schedule
    • Facebook Brand Awareness and Lead Generation of ideal clients and partner prospects with the goal of meetings, and coaching product sales in collaboration with Social Media Content Manager and paid ads contractors 
      1. Work with Content Creator to create organic posts.
        • Keep our followers engaged and our page active by regularly making posts in the form of asking questions, sharing relevant news, establishing emotional connections, quizzes, etc. 
        • Boost posts that get a lot of feedback
        • Generate an increase in audience
        • Generate sales
      2. The building of landing pages used to generate leads as qualified scheduled calls 
        • Execute and optimize ad strategy, driving traffic to landing pages for lead generation.
        • Split test targeting, ad, and landing page variations for optimal results.

    Marketing Existing Products and New Product Creation:

    • Collaborate on the creation of product web pages, marketing, and promotional materials
    • Schedule and arrange webinars and gather leads from these engagements.
    • Identify and collaborate with Social Media and content team to create on-brand and valuable content for prospects such as videos, ebooks, web pages and workshops
    • Assist with the development and execution of marketing campaigns 
    • Keep current on industry trends and new marketing methods to improve brand awareness
    • Manage the scheduling, agendas, and reporting of sales at sales meetings.
    • Coordinate sales team by managing schedules, completing important documents and communicating relevant information
    • Collaborate with Data Analyst to track and report on all Sales & Marketing KPIs and metrics 
    • Accomplish organizational goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
    • Webinars, speaking  engagements, gather leads from these engagements


    Administrative/ Project Management:

    • Streamline and manage Julie’s, the founders, sales tasks.
    • Provide process creation support related to Sales and Marketing.
    • Attend appropriate Sales and Marketing meetings, manage the taking of notes, and adding action items in the Project management system (Asana).
    • Train the sales team and develop your own training schedule to meet team goals.
    • Take initiatives to create incentives that motivate stronger results month over month.
    • Build trust and connection with the sales team, through thoughtful personal gifts, reach outs, and incentives.
    • Demonstrate strong leadership within the company and the sales team.  Leading event sales (when pertinent), and weekly sales team productivity! For example, build in the pipeline and follow up systems so the team FLIES!



    • Minimum 5 years of experience working in  sales and marketing, advertising, or communication industries
    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in marketing, psychology, or other related disciplines
    • Proficient in the use of CRM systems
    • Strong working knowledge of Google Apps and Microsoft Office
    • Solid technical background with understanding and/or hands-on experience in a startup environment 
    • Excellent client-facing and internal communication skills
    • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and very strong leadership
    • Expert communicator with proven skills managing and driving a team
    • Takes initiative and highly self-motivated


    To apply, please complete the application here. 

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