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The Step-By-Step Process for Creating Your PERFECT Day

Why Everything You've Been Taught About Productivity is WRONG

The Counterintuitive Method to Feeling More FOCUSED and FREE

What would your life look like if you had the time to do what YOU want to do?

Does it ever feel like you're spending all of your time working on someone else's priorities while slowly losing sight of the things that you want accomplish? Like you're on someone else's treadmill, running at someone else's speed, but not actually going anywhere?

For the next three days I'm going to show you how to BREAK the treadmill! I’m going to walk you through the proven method I use in my business, Lifestyle Perfected, to help the world's busiest people live the life of their dreams.

This isn't the same old boilerplate "productivity" training that works for a week then leaves you right back where you started.

This is about creating a new lifestyle for yourself that lasts longer than a week. It's about discovering how to RELAX so you can finally feel FREE again. Free to accomplish the things that matter most to YOU, not your boss, not your partner... YOU!

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Are You a Time Creator?


Is Time Creating You?

“Helped me transform all areas of my life...”
Nadav has an uncanny ability to quickly generate time freedom... If you are ready to take your life to the next level, I highly recommend Nadav's training as it’s been one of the best decisions I have made (both personally and for my career).

“This has been very, very powerful...”
...after working with Nadav, I just feel a lightness, an ability to move forward...

“Nadav's training has been wonderful…”
He consistently manages to help me tremendously in navigating the often complex circumstances CEOs face. I am extremely grateful to have Nadav's training.

Greg Ragland

Founder of Vocabulary Zone

Jolie Dawn

Speaker, Business Coach, Best Selling Author of
Empowered, Sexy and Free

Dr. Kat Volz

Founder and CEO of Occamz Razor

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Meet Nadav

“True wealth is living the dream by feeling good on the way to living your dreams.” - Nadav Wilf

My name is Nadav, and I’m the founder of Lifestyle Perfected. We coach CEOs of multi-million and billion dollar companies and their teams on how to feel good and be financially successful.

I’ve founded 3 multi-million dollar companies and I’ve had both a grinding and stressed experience, creating from a place of fear and lack, and creation from a place of flow, ease, and love.

I founded Lifestyle Perfected as a holding company focused around profitable returns through social impact on a global level. It's all about feeling good while doing good.

We provide coaching, consulting and social media services to the top global CEOs and influencers who want to make an impact on the world.

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