Crack open a tasty beverage, sit back and let me take you on a little

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Crack open a tasty beverage, sit back and let me take you on a little journey to a magical place called Berlin I had the most abundant and fun month of my life here. Why you ask? Because is a place where you can truly come as you are. What this means my is people are living in the process of full self expression so our is fully expressed and attracting the like vibration. This creates straight magical rendezvous, conversations, and collaborations. This summer the  came here and we got wild and #beautiful. It reminds me of #BurningMan, Berlin has the most bike lanes of any city in the world. We wake up around noon, pack our backpack with extra clothing and goodies for later and go on a around the city, ending up at one or more of the clubs that are like fully built out Burning Man camps, open all the way from Friday to Monday with all you need to dance your little tushy off (food, water, techno) and the best vibes. A few days before I left @milesjosh and I decided to host a dinner at our flat with all the amazing people we met during our time here. 30 unique and beautiful humans came together, we went through the Experience where each person distinguished their passions and how to live them more fully. Lots more happened I guess you'll need to join us next year here To all of you that showed me your big heart and sweet dance moves along the way...thank you These friendships are expanding the universal consciousness and leading to a tipping point in the world. You make my life delish and I love you a lot. You're always in my heart. See you somewhere real soon. Much ️

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