Affirmation for the day: Home is in the moment here with you 3 years now

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Affirmation for the day: Home is in the moment here with you

3 years now I’ve been calling the moment my home…

Ever since I wandered out the door of my Weho apartment without any particular destination in mind, instead being mesmerized by the miracle of the movement of one foot frolicking in front of the other.

And then the mantra came that’s taken me so far: One foot in front of the other Nadav…. The societal constructs just don’t fit anymore, like when we accidentally shrink a shirt we loved so much in the dryer, our choices are to go shirtless or try on something new…is this what freedom looks like? It sure feels like it…. So I tried Being for a change...simply loving being me and loving being with you being you. 
I allowed myself to fully experience the caressing of the wind on my wily hair, the sun on my grateful olive skin, and the soreness of my cheeks from showing these pearly whites more than I ever allowed myself to before…

Sometimes it hasn’t been easy to receive so fully...and I’d ask myself, “Why is reflecting my own beauty not so easy?”...Do you know why?

With practice I allowed myself to fully experience this feeling of deserving...embracing moments like in this photo when it’s another perfectly good Tuesday at 11 am and I should be "working" because I've been on "vacation" however, for every good reason that doesn’t even need to be spoken, I’m here in the greatness of the Brazilian coastline with every shade of green glimmering in contrast to the sun and the sea. And the rocks, wow I love these rocks.

Like a symphony of gods and goddesses who came out to play just because it’s Tuesday….just because it’s Tuesday.

For every good these moments I say, “We deserve this” until we actually believe it.

Do you believe we do? I believe in you….and you better believe I love calling my home here in the moment with you. Much love ️ "

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