Affirmation for the day: Home is in the moment here with you ️ I’m on

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Affirmation for the day:
Home is in the moment here with you ️ I'm on my way to Midburn (Israel burning man)
I've been traveling living around the world for 3 years now
It's aligned for me and when you do what's aligned for you, some of what's agreed upon by most of us starts to not fit you anymore
People ask me, "Where is your home?" "Where is your base?" "No but where is all your stuff!?!" (This one is my favorite)  
And I answer, "Home is in the moment here with you"
They normally look at me, smile, and then ask me, "No but really where is your base?" I smile back with a hug. 
It took something to swim away from the shore I was comfortable at, where all my friends were at, where I had built an easy, beautiful and comfortable life. 
And I loved it on the shore was a great party  
I knew there was adventure awaiting me and I'm an explorer 
I often times actually follow the fear as my guidance system for what to do next

This is my second of 3 burns events this year and what I've learned to do...
Is live the principles of self expression, love, kindness and openness in everyday life everywhere I am, with everyone who's there.

I encourage you to:
Wear what you want to work and celebrate 
Your self expression (many of you do)
Say what you want and hear others (many of you do)
Do what you want, when you want, where you want and watch the magic unfold (Many of you do)

I'm by no means telling you to be like me (unless there are parts of me that resonate with you then let's create together)

I'm asking you to be like you. 
The most like you. 
You are the best you.
Sending all the love ️ and see you on the other side.

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