3 years ago, after selling two companies, I decided I wanted to get into the

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3 years ago, after selling two companies, I decided I wanted to get into the social impact space which was aligned with my purpose. I founded a company called Enlightened whose mission was to integrate philanthropy into everyday life. 
After 1.5 years of giving it our ALL we folded it and I was totally out of the money I made from the exits and $80,000 in debt. 
At that point I knew I had two options:
1. Wallow in shame and despair of failing. Try to rebuild my life from a place of being scarred by this experience with fear and scarcity.

2. Be grateful for my alignment and rebuild my life from a place of hope, fun, contribution and knowing all is perfect.

I knew I wanted to contribute to people with all I do and I wanted to create passive income and financial freedom for myself and others. 
We have now bought $1 mil in real estate, generating 20%+ annual returns for our investors and ourselves while creating an exceptional living experience for our tenants.

The company is called Compassionate Adventures and we'd love to provide returns for you as well if it's aligned to you. 
With our apartments in the historic district of Bay City, Michigan we have:

1. In the past 10 months we've bought 19 buildings, with 78 units for $1 mil (approx: 20% under market price) 
2. We've had 99% occupancy (Avg 5 days turnaround on vacancy) and collected 100% of rents over this time period

3. Consistently achieved a 20%+ net income return

4. Creating financial freedom for investors by paying interest payments on time and often early

5. Exceeded our forecasted net income

6. Sold one of our buildings last week that we bought in February for a 60% return

7. Built a reputation in the area as compassionate owners whose buildings are the place to live in town because of our communication and willingness to fix things to make the living experience ideal. This has led to a waiting list of tenants applications.

8. I will be leading a FREE monthly Lifestyle Perfected online group sessions for all tenants to join. 
It is rewarding to set these types of intentions of purpose and profit and fulfill on them. If you're interested let me know ️

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